Pacific Rim Map

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Terrace Beach Resort Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Ucluelet 1002 Peninsula Road, Box 96 Book Now
Imperial Eagle Lodge & Charters Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Bamfield 168 Wild Duck Road Book Now
Pacific Rim Motel Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Ucluelet 1755 Peninsula Road Book Now
Mills Landing Cottages & Boat Charters Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Bamfield 295 Boardwalk Book Now
Long Beach Lodge Resort Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Tofino 1441 Pacific Rim Highway Book Now
Water's Edge Resort at Pacific Rim Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Ucluelet 1971 Harbour Crescent Book Now
Maquinna Hotel Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Tofino 120 First Street Book Now
He-Tin-Kis Lodge Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Ucluelet 366 Reef Point Road, PO Box 861 Book Now
Himwitsa Lodge B&B Tofino 300 Main Street Book Now
Somass Motel & RV Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Port Alberni 5279 River Road Book Now
Surfs Inn Backpackers Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Ucluelet 1874 Peninsula Road Book Now
Whale's Tail Guest Suites Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Ucluelet 1906 Bay Street Box 849 Book Now
Cobble Wood and Bird Sanctuary Guest Houses Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Tofino 1110 Fellowship Drive Book Now
Wild Shores Guest House Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Ucluelet 333 Pass of Melfort Book Now
Cedar Wood Lodge Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Port Alberni 5895 River Road Book Now
Best Western Plus Barclay Hotel Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Port Alberni 4277 Stamp Avenue Book Now
Little Beach Resort Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Ucluelet 1187 Peninsula Road Book Now
Inn at Tough City B&B Tofino 350 Main Street Book Now
West Coast Motel Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Ucluelet 279 Hemlock St. Book Now
Pacific Sands Beach Resort Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Tofino 1421 Pacific Rim Highway Book Now
Surfs Inn Rainforest Cottages Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Ucluelet 1874 Peninsula Road Book Now
Hyphocus Inn Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Ucluelet 1062 Helen Road Book Now
Reef Point Oceanfront Bed and Breakfast Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Ucluelet 1166 Coral Way Book Now
Ecolodge Tofino Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Tofino 1084 Pacific Rim Highway Book Now
Weigh West Marine Resort Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Tofino 634 Campbell Street Book Now
Wild Edge Lodge Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Ucluelet 238 Matteson Drive Book Now
Tofino Swell Lodge Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Tofino 341 Olsen Road Book Now
Harbour House Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Ucluelet 1451 Port Albion Road Book Now
Wickaninnish Inn Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Tofino 500 Osprey Lane Book Now
Canadian Princess Resort Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Ucluelet 1943 Peninsula Road Book Now
Ocean Village Beach Resort Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Tofino 555 Hellesen Drive Book Now
A Snug Harbour Inn B&B Ucluelet 460 Marine Drive Book Now
Emerald Forest Bed and Breakfast Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Tofino 1326 Pacific Rim Highway Book Now
Florencia Bay Hideaway Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Ucluelet P.O. Box 1027 Book Now
Black Rock Resort Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Ucluelet 596 Marine Drive Book Now
Best Western Tin Wis Resort Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Tofino 1119 Pacific Rim Highway Book Now
Outside Inn Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Ucluelet 2425 Pacific Rim Highway Book Now
Adventure Tofino Bed and Breakfast Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Tofino 615 Pfeiffer Crescent Book Now
The Hospitality Inn Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Port Alberni 3835 Redford Street Book Now
Seastar Beach Retreat Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Tofino 1294 Lynn Road Box 2 Book Now
Duffin Cove Resort Hotel/Motel/Resort/Cabinn Tofino 215 Campbell Street Book Now