Tzoonie Outdoor Adventures Season Opening

Wow!! Two summers and one winter ahead of us. Great thought. Visited our lodge in Narrows Inlet on Feb 23 and what a gorgeous day. We were greeted at our docks by many seals basking in the sun. Salmonberries, wild crabapple starting to bud and not a ripple on the water.

We enjoyed the first “daytime low tide” of the year and picked a few oysters and mussels for a great lunch.

We plan to open earlier this season, possibly Easter weekend.
Several years ago we discontinued small boat rentals for guests who wished to fish. Fish populations seemed to be decreasing so we decided to base a charter boat and experienced guide at the lodge in hopes of improving productivity. Since that time, fishing has improved considerably mainly due to increase in fish stocks. Accordingly, small boat rentals is starting to make sense again so we will have a couple of runabouts available this season.

Our website is a “must see”

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