Tzoonie Wilderness Retreat


Narrows Inlet
Sechelt, British Columbia
V0N 3A0
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Downtown Sechelt: 30km

Family friendly old-fashioned camping experience on the edge of the ocean

At Tzoonie we treat you like family, and we are all about experiencing the beauty of the place we are in, being 100% present and allowing nature to work her magic. You won't find an experience like this anywhere else on the Sunshine Coast, or perhaps even in British Columbia.

No crowds or boats coming and going, no phones ringing or videos and games to interfere with fully immersing yourself in the Sunshine Coast's most natural environment. Bring a camera, and put away the phones… your soul and relationships will thank you!

If you haven't experienced our version of a Sunshine Coast retreat, you haven't had the real thing yet!

Waking up to the smell of 'camp coffee'. Hearing the Stellar jays and the squirrel mounting their daily battles around the feeder. Feeling the forest, quiet and steady behind the camp, green, lovely, peaceful.

Thinking: what should I do today? Go kayaking or paddle boarding? See orcas and white-sided dolphins? Tour Storm Bay or head through the Tzoonie Narrows and up-inlet? Hike up the mountain to the incredible views towards the Skookumchuck and Egmont?

Then wind down the day with mussels, clams and sea asparagus you've gathered from our beach and prepared in your camp kitchen (with advice from our staff available!), accompanied by a cold beverage out of the creek. Tell stories around the fire – up by the camp kitchen or at the Oyster Shack on the beach), play card or board games, read, and wait for the stars to emerge in a dazzling spectacle that reflects in the ocean's surface on flat nights.

If you're lucky and stay up until true darkness settles in, you'll hear Sammy the seal grunting on the float and observe the magic of bioluminescence, where everything in the water glows as it moves. This is the magic of Tzoonie Retreat, our timeless boat access only destination, yet only an hour from Sechelt.

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