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Top 5 Things To Do In Harrison Hot Springs

Harrison Hot Springs is noted for many outdoor activities and is a mere 130 km from Vancouver and an easy drive. Top 5 Things To Do In Harrison Hot Springs Soak in the hot springs mineral pool located at the beach front at 224 Esplanade Avenue Go boating and swimming in Harrison Lake rentals available at Killer.s Marina located right on the lake. Hire a fishing guide and fish for many types of salmon.  Many fishing guides available such as Fraser River Fishing Lodge and Shoreline Tours to name a few.  Tours available right on the beach front. Tour world […]

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Harrison Hot Springs in the Off Season

In order to save my wife’s sanity, I took the kids away for a couple of nights.  Sustained effort on any aspect of life, from cleaning to accounting, is next to impossible with a 2-year-old around. So on a truly autumnal late October we decided that Harrison Hot Springs was the ticket.  I convinced the kids that we were going to look for Sasquatches and to have some fun.  Harrison Hot Springs has the feel of being a long way from Vancouver, but if taking a risk like I was, a two hour drive has the kids back before any […]

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Down the Road at Hot Springs Retreat

Minutes up the NE side of the lake is Hot Springs Retreat, a quaint B&B. The cozy cedar home offers two private entrance/bathroom suites. Guests are welcome to enjoy the private gardens which back up against Bear Mountain. Across the road you may want to watch the sun set over Harrison Lake. Down the road a little further is Sasquatch Park which has a boat launch and an extensive picnic area by the water. This is a great place to get away for the day with the family. A shallow swim beach is roped off, and a sandy beach provides […]

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