My Top 10 Restaurants on the Sunshine Coast

I travel a lot around the Sunshine Coast, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands for business.  Here’s a list of places I love to go to and, after 18 years on living on the Sunshine Coast, I can confirm that they are good eateries, reasonable prices and good service.

The order is not meant to show favourtism, it’s just the order that came into my head.

1. Nagomi Sushi Bar

446 Marine Dr
Gibsons, BC
604 886-2562

Small little, mom & pop operation right by the Harbour in lower Gibsons. Vancouver quality but Sunshine Coast prices, meaning it’s a real deal.

A Japanese sushi chef once told me “the way to determine quality in any sushi bar is to examine the pickled ginger they serve with the sushi before you order. If it is the pink pre packaged variety turn around and leave immediately. If it is the pale yellow fresh variety stay, because the sushi chef is knowledgeable and prepared to add quality to the meal, even if it costs more.” Sushi Bar Nagomi serves the real pale yellow variety — enough said.

2. Absolutely Thai

812 Gibsons Way
Gibsons, BC
604 886-9219

Small family run business where the mother & father run the kitchen and the kids main the cash register and serve customers. Everything is hand made right on the spot and takes a little while to get the order, but the wait is worth it. My favourite dishes are the Yellow Curry with Prawns served medium hot, and a side order of Pad Thai noodles. Their Thai Spring Rolls are the best I ever had again made right on the spot.

3. The Old Boot Eatery (Italian)

5531 Wharf St
Sechelt, BC
604 885-2727

Another family run business where the owners proudly announce that their “Mama Sita” runs the kitchen and nothing leaves unless she has blessed it. The red hot clams with Linguine is to die for, and their home made Italian sausages are just the best. The sausages are sooo good they started selling them raw by the pound plus have them for sale in the local IGA.

4. Sita’s Spag Shack

546 Gibsons Way
Gibsons, BC
604 886-7721

Same owners as The Old Boot Eatery but a smaller, more low key operation in Gibsons. Great place for a bottle of Chianti and a plate of homemade pasta for a Friday night date.

5. Leo’s Tapas & Greek Cuisine

274 Gower Point Rd
Gibsons, BC
604 886-9414

Absolutely one of the best Greek restaurants I have been too and I worked in two of them in the 70s. The roast lamb is classic as it has been roasted almost the full day and just melts when you pull it apart and eat it. Excellent Mousaka and homemade Hummus.

6. Beach Bouy Waterfront Restaurant

4774 Sunshine Coast Hwy
Davies Bay
604 885-3715

Fabulous fish & chips, especially the halibut. Fresh hand cut fries to go with a light beer batter halibut fillets. Homemade tarter sauce as well which is rare for a lot of fish & chip places. The deck has a great view over Davies Bay so sit outside and enjoy the meal.

7. Gumboot Caf

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