Big Qualicum Hatchery

When you are driving around on holiday, it’s sometime rewarding to decide to follow a sign. We have been on the road to Deep Bay Marine Field Stationin the hopes to be able to walk the grounds. This did not work as the gate was closed. They had decided to not be open to the public due to the pandemic. Other places like Milner Gardens had followed suit, sadly.

On the way back to Parksville, we say a sign for Big Qualicum Fish Hatchery. The kids of course seem to get nervous whenever Dad says, “Hey let’s check this out.” I’m not sure if they’ve watched the Hills have Eyes or something but whatever, I took the turn off Highway 19A.

Important point, if you want to see anything of the Big Qualicum Hatchery installation, you have to arrive there before 3 PM. We arrived at 3:10. So much for Dad’s great ideas.

However, as the photos will show, we saw a lovely spot, quiet with the rushing river. I imagine in the Fall, when fish return, it would be a great place to check out. Before 3 PM.

It was a short detour from the highway and worth it.

More info here.

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