A Ride Around Stanley Park on the Last Day of Summer


I had to check, but the change over from summer to autumn is September 22, 2016 at 10:21 A.M. EDT. Today I rode around Stanley Park. I did this same ride back in August. (See Stanley Park to Kits Beach.) However this time there was a sense of urgency. Who knew when I’d next have my schedule and the weather cooperate in this way?

There was no mistaking that crisp taste of Fall in the air. Despite worrying about potentially not being able to enjoy the ride like this for months, Autumn was somehow inviting me to slow it down and take it in.

Vancouver doesn’t have fall colours the same way as back east, but the light is all different with lower shadows as the sun moves tighter to the southwest at the end of the day.

Brockton Point Lighthouse where I first stopped to take it in.

When I stopped under the Lions Gate Bridge, there was a harbour seal bobbing around the kelp under the bridge. I had just passed a couple of guys with fishing rods so I suspect the seal and the fishermen were onto something.

stanleypark2The waters where habour seals play

I always stop to take in Siwash Rock. And it seemed to be channelling the magic of the season change.

Siwash Rock is a mystic spot. Don’t just hurtle by.

And of course Kits Beach, where I end my ride, I can look at Stanley Park in the distance and admire what I just rode around.


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