VIP Cineplex Coquitlam

Have you ever wished that the movie theatres allowed you to have alcohol? Or maybe have someone take your order at the movies? Eat delicious food? Have a big cozy chair to make you feel comfy? Well Coquitlam’s Cineplex Theatre might be exactly what you are looking for.

Cineplex has now created the V.I.P Cineplex experience. You go and there is a separate lounge for people nineteen or older to enjoy a fancier night out at the movies. You can now drink your favourite cocktails and beers at the theatre.

I went with my boyfriend and there was someone to greet us before we entered the lounge to give us a nice warm welcome. We walked in and it had a big bar, nice soft cushioned chairs, and table service. We sat by this beautiful stone fireplace they had which kept us nice and toasty, a waitress came and gave us menus which were specialized for the lounge, rather than the regular boring menu they normally have. But should you wish to have the regular menu you are more than welcomed to. She took our orders, brought us our food, we had a lovely time.

When it was time for our movie we went into the theatre and my mouth dropped. They had these big comfy leather seats for you to sit on with tables in between. In addition there is so much legroom it was incredible. No more awkward “excuse me”, and feeling bad if you had to go to the bathroom. The best part about the whole experience, there was someone waiting on us in the theatre. Someone stands at the bottom of the theatre, and if you would like to have a drink or a meal they come take your order from your seat, and bring it to you. The service option for in the theatre is only until the movie trailers start, but over all it makes the entire experience of going to the movies more exciting.

Although it was slightly higher in price, we definitely felt like we went on a nice date. So if you are ever in Coquitlam and looking for a night out, you should go out to the V.I.P experience.

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