Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company


As a celebration for the end of yet another school season my parents took my brother and I out for dinner at Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company in Vancouver. Their main location is on 1st Avenue and Cypress St. Once inside I was instantly overwhelmed by the smell of pizza cooking in an amazing way. Right as we come in somebody comes up and gives us a seat inside near their big pizza oven and their new green wall. We met our waitress shortly after and she was very friendly, helpful and did not fail to mention any details. Now, my family and I have been to Rocky Mountain several times before so what was on the menu did not surprise me very much. However, that being said I still have a hard time deciding what to eat because all of their food tastes amazing! And they don’t only have pizza, on the menu are also quite a few delicious pastas and salads.

Our waitress came back around for drinks my dad orders a generic coke, my brother and I Shirley Temples and my mom their house-made iced-tea. They also have their own lemonade. The choice of a starter is also to be made and my brother and I decide to share their warm house-made bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. My mother decides to have a small greens, vegetables, feta cheese and fig sauce salad. Shortly after the waitress returned to retrieve our main dinner order. I am a plain eater, but honestly I think that even if you are a fancy eater you would adore their macaroni and cheese. It has just the right amount of stringy creamy cheese to balance the macaroni, so that’s what I decide to eat for my main course.

A few minutes later the starters and drinks arrived and were delicious. I’ve always been a fan of balsamic vinegar and olive oil, but their delicious bread made it all the better. When the main courses arrived my mom received the pasta that was their special that night and claimed it was to die for and my dad said the same about his “naturally meaty” pizza. In addition my brother and I both adored our macaroni and cheese.

However that was not the best part of our meal. By far dessert was definitely my favorite part of our meal at Rocky Mountain. They have a house-made warm brownie that is beyond description. It is amazing, incredible and the best thing I could recommend one would eat when visiting Rocky Mountain. All in all, the food at Rocky Mountain Flatbread co. is delicious and appropriate for all ages.

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