Snug Cafe Bowen Island


A brief trip to Bowen Island found me in a ferry line up at breakfast time waiting to head back to the mainland. The BC Ferry comes into Snug Harbour Bowen Island and on the Bowen Island Trunk Road, there are establishments meant to service those hanging around for a ferry back to Vancouver. (Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver to be precise.)

Bowen Island is odd in that, once you’re there, you feel very far away from Vancouver. However, an 8:35 AM ferry allowed me to be at my desk at 9:30 in downtown Vancouver.

But, I had time to kill and I was hungry so I visited The Snug on Bowen Coffee House. Like many independent coffee shops in British Columbia, it was rustic and full of character. So I ordered coffee and a breakfast sandwich. Now, these sandwiches tend to be bland, or sometimes hammered too hard with hot sauce or something. But dammit this bagel with egg and bacon and so forth was nigh on perfect. I don’t know how they did it. And the coffee had the jolt I needed without being harsh.

So, now you know where to go when you are waiting in the ferry line up.

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