West End Vancouver Farmer’s Market

This summer I had the chance to visit the Farmer’s Market on Homer Street near Thurlow in Vancouver‘s West End.  When you think of farmer’s markets, I have a picture of an empty parking lot with a pile of tables and random stalls of produce.

In the West End, it’s a lot different.  The focus on organic produce is huge as well as vendors of everything from crepes to lattes to stuffed animals.  But, it’s a small selection, but frankly quite tasty.  The folks selling lavender had the most wonderfully stinky lavender imaginable.  

A further difference was the number of volunteers helping out.  The folks running the show were around promoting themselves and the market and a couple of folks from the community police group were there.  The market takes place adjacent to a park and is literally on a part of Comox Street so community involvement is certain.

In the end the market was small, but somehow better focused and not just the usual pile of fruit you see at other markets.  Plus, on a hot summer day, if you are a people watcher, there won’t be a dull moment.

Details:  In 2010, the plan was to have the market run Saturdays, June 5 – October 23.  It runs form 9am – 2pm each Saturday on the 1100 Block of Comox Street across from Nelson Park at Mole Hill.  www.eatlocal.org

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