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We were driving out of Vancouver on a weekday morning and wanted to have breakfast out and avoid rush hour traffic. Because I can’t make waffles to save my life, I looked for a waffle place.

We found Yolks on West Broadway between Ash and Cambie. Around mid-morning on a weekday, it was pretty busy. There wasn’t a wait for a table but it was full. We were driving and managed to find street parking, but it’s a short walk from the Cambie Skytrain station, making it easy to reach from downtown Vancouver.

Waffles, pancakes and granola were the choices for our group and the waffles had all thumbs up. The pancakes were a proper stack and the poached eggs were done correctly, assuming you like poached eggs. The granola, interestingly, was a recipe that reminded my fellow diner of granolas from the 1970s.

The service was friendly, fast especially given the hustle-and-bustle. Definitely worth a second go.

See www.yolks.ca for more information.

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