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About three years ago I compiled a list of breakfast spots in Victoria that I wanted to try. (See

This year I lucked out and we got a seat at the popular John’s Place at 723 Pandora Ave in downtown Victoria.

It’s a funky place that opening in 1984. The walls are covered with memorabilia of all sorts with a focus on sports. You could look at the walls all day.

Our server was a feisty lady who quite wisely recommended a lavender latte to my wife and daughter, which they thoroughly enjoyed. My son is a smoothie snob and the strawberry one was a hit. I’m a boring old coffee drinker. The French toast was great and the kids suggest not getting the larger size as they couldn’t handle the regular. My wife recommends the granola as one of the best she’s ever had. Trust me that’s a stuff standard to beat.

My traditional bacon-eggs-toast-hashbrown meal was fine.

One of the things that makes this breakfast place different is the rapport the staff have with regulars, some of whom are struggling. Everyone was made to feel welcome and part of the family. It was the desire for good food, interesting d├ęcor and people and an escape from the sameness of hotel breakfasts that led me to create my list in the first place.

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