108 Mile House as the name indicates is a mere 8 miles (a little under 13 km) from the larger centre 100 Mile House.

Lilloet is Mile 0 on this particular gold rush trail and 100 Mile House was a stagecoach rest stop for people heading to the gold fields.

Travellers now are stopping to rejuvenate with spa treatments and relaxation at 108 Mile House accommodations, not to water horses or replenish supplies.

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108 Resort & Conference Centre - Camping RV/Camping 108 Mile Ranch Telqua Drive Request Info
AccoLog B&B B&B 108 Mile Ranch 4768 Telqua Drive Request Info
Horse Lake B&B B&B 100 Mile House 6344 Highland Crescent
Imperial Motel Hotel 100 Mile House #240 Highway 97 Request Info
Nakitsilik Outdoors Adventures B&B 100 Mile House 7665 Eagan Lake Road
Rock Island Lake Fishing Camp Long Term 100 Mile House 7102 Bucki Crescent
Spring Lake Ranch B&B 100 Mile House 5770 Spring Lake Road Request Info

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