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A Day in Harrison Hot Springs

I’ve only visited Harrison Hot Springs once but the stunning scenery around this quaint little resort town quickly convinced me that I should go back for a second or even a third look! It’s villages like Harrison Hot Springs after all that give British Columbia its moniker ‘Beautiful BC’, and if you’ve never experienced this type of glacial scenery before this is a great place to do it. Harrison Hot Springs is nestled at the southern end of Harrison Lake; a lake that’s about 60 kilometres long. The lake formed inside a glacial valley with steep mountainous sides to it, […]

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Through Hell’s Gate and Back: An Incredible Fraser Canyon Experience

Imagine yourself suspended in midair, high above a tumultuous river, with soaring canyon walls stretching as far as the eye can see.  This is only a small part of what you will experience as you explore; Hell’s Gate at Fraser Canyon is a place you’ll never forget. A Haunting History Located just 2

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Top 5 Things To Do In Harrison Hot Springs

Harrison Hot Springs is noted for many outdoor activities and is a mere 130 km from Vancouver and an easy drive. Top 5 Things To Do In Harrison Hot Springs Soak in the hot springs mineral pool located at the beach front at 224 Esplanade Avenue Go boating and swimming in Harrison Lake rentals available at Killer.s Marina located right on the lake. Hire a fishing guide and fish for many types of salmon.  Many fishing guides available such as Fraser River Fishing Lodge and Shoreline Tours to name a few.  Tours available right on the beach front. Tour world […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Take Via Rail to Vancouver

I recently had the pleasure of taking a trip on Via Rail from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to Vancouver, British Columbia.  Via has some amazing deals available this year, offering fares that are 70% off the regular price.  The train fare was less than it would have cost to make the trip on the Greyhound bus! After a visit with family in Saskatchewan, my daughter and I greatly enjoyed the train trip home to Vancouver.  The train we took was Via Rail’s flagship Western Transcontinental, the Canadian.  It travels from Toronto to Vancouver and Vancouver to Toronto three times each week.  The […]

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Harrison Hot Springs in the Off Season

In order to save my wife’s sanity, I took the kids away for a couple of nights.  Sustained effort on any aspect of life, from cleaning to accounting, is next to impossible with a 2-year-old around. So on a truly autumnal late October we decided that Harrison Hot Springs was the ticket.  I convinced the kids that we were going to look for Sasquatches and to have some fun.  Harrison Hot Springs has the feel of being a long way from Vancouver, but if taking a risk like I was, a two hour drive has the kids back before any […]

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Ski the Powder at Manning Park

Do you like to ski down a mountain all day by yourself (and not have to hike back up)?  Enjoy the sunny cool crisp days, with 30 cm of fresh powder snow.  Then Manning Park Resort is where you should come. From the lower mainland the drive to Manning Park is about 2.5 hours.  It is very similar to the drive (in duration) to the drive from Vancouver to Whistler.  But unlike Whistler expect to pay less than half the price for a day on the hill.  Don’t get me wrong the amenities are in no way comparable.  Manning Park […]

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Down the Road at Hot Springs Retreat

Minutes up the NE side of the lake is Hot Springs Retreat, a quaint B&B. The cozy cedar home offers two private entrance/bathroom suites. Guests are welcome to enjoy the private gardens which back up against Bear Mountain. Across the road you may want to watch the sun set over Harrison Lake. Down the road a little further is Sasquatch Park which has a boat launch and an extensive picnic area by the water. This is a great place to get away for the day with the family. A shallow swim beach is roped off, and a sandy beach provides […]

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Othello Tunnels

The Othello Tunnels are well known in the Hope area and are a part of the Kettle Valley route. The tunnels are also known at the Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park. The tunnels turned walking trail are part of the abandoned railway tunnels through the mountains of the canyon. The circle walk is easy with a 6 km length or just to walk and view the tunnels and perhaps catch a glimpse of the salmon running will only take 1 hour. This is a must see in the area.

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Gold Rush Trail

100 Mile House is situated at the 1865 completed “Gold Rush Trail”. You can leisurely drive its scenic routes, which extends from Fort Langley to Cache Creek along Hwy 1, Cache Creek to Quesnel along Hwy 97 and on to famous Barkerville an hours drive down Hwy 26.

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