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Ski the Powder at Manning Park

Do you like to ski down a mountain all day by yourself (and not have to hike back up)?  Enjoy the sunny cool crisp days, with 30 cm of fresh powder snow.  Then Manning Park Resort is where you should come. From the lower mainland the drive to Manning Park is about 2.5 hours.  It is very similar to the drive (in duration) to the drive from Vancouver to Whistler.  But unlike Whistler expect to pay less than half the price for a day on the hill.  Don’t get me wrong the amenities are in no way comparable.  Manning Park […]

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Warmest Lake in BC

Known as the warmest and cleanest lake in BC, Christina Lake should be one of the must sees in British Columbia.  It is a very popular summer destination.  I would suggest booking your stay several months in advance for the mid-July to mid-August peak period.  There are several choices of accommodations: motels, campgrounds and rental cabins.  Several of the campgrounds and rental cabins offer beach front locations.  There are not as many campgrounds as there were 20 years ago.  Many have been converted to privately owned-permanent trailer or mobile home sites.  So if you are in a buying mood you […]

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Playing Tourist

Some days it’s fun to play tourist in your own town.  On a recent trip to Victoria from the mainland, I had the pleasure of taking a trip on one of the new ferries – the Coastal Celebration.  The trip started in Tsawwassen with a breakfast at the Tsawwassen Quay.  We enjoyed crepes – yes really!  One of us had a ham & egg crepe and the others had fruit crepes – very yummy.  We then grabbed our Starbucks addictions and headed back to the car to wait for the loading call. Once on board with a lovely window seat […]

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