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Vancouver Sun Run or Sun Saunter?

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Vancouver’s annual fitness love fest, aka “The Vancouver Sun Run”; it also marks my second anniversary, at age 52, of participating in this quintessentially Vancouver experience. Before you start gagging, let me reassure you that this is not one of those fat-turned-fit-over-fifty stories, in which erstwhile couch potatoes start running half-marathons in their sleep in order to combat the ravages of menopause. Rather, this is a story of a woman who is resolute in her determination to solidly advance (retreat?) to the back of the 55,000 plus pack incrementally.  I want to age […]

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Victoria Running Races

Cycle Inn Bed and Breakfast of Victoria which occur throughout the year. You may have a function to attend in Victoria and want to fit in a recreational run, or you may decide to take a challenge and aim to better your time in one of the runs offered here. A schedule of some of the interesting runs happening here in Victoria this year follows below. There are many others such as the Run for the Cure, Terry Fox Run, and the 24 hour Relay for the Lions Club which happen regularly as well. The following list gives you a […]

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