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Pearl Fever

I always try to find different places to hang out with friends, or go to do homework because lets face it, it’s impossible to get anything done at home with all of these distractions. I was going bowling with my friends one day at Zone bowling in Coquitlam, and noticed a place called Pearl Fever. I took a look inside and they had this nice comfy couch, with leather seats, they also had a nice fireplace in the corner surrounded by nice leather cushions to make you feel at home. I thought what a nice classy looking place. I decided […]

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Nuts at Vancouver Starbucks

It’s no secret that Vancouver loves Starbucks coffee shops.  The famous kitty-corner ones at Robson and Thurlow always seem to amaze people.  I prefer the “new” one at the north-east corner. Regardless, when you are in any of the seemingly infinite number of Starbucks in Vancouver, you should relax and smell the coffee, but also pause to enjoy the people. I’m not saying you will meet like minded people of the same cultural/religious/politic/sexual affiliation as you. I’m saying you are going to meet nuts. Not all nuts are bad nuts. (The scene in the Tim Burton version of Charlie and […]

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Coffee Shops in the Kootenay Rockies

I’ve lived in Vancouver for almost fourteen years.  Growing up in Saskatchewan, my family travelled to BC almost every summer to visit relatives in the central Prince George area and then made our way south through the Okanagan to pick fruit and just enjoy the spectacular scenery and weather. One of the areas I have never explored is the south east corner of the province, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.  I’ve been through Golden and Revelstoke along Highway 1, many times, and also along Highway 3 through Fernie, Creston and Trail, but never the area in between.  I […]

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Not your Normal Evening at Starbucks in Vancouver

I live in Kitsilano in Vancouver and there’s a Starbucks as close to my house as they can put one without breaking the zoning bylaws.  I am a regular and I call it “my” Starbucks. True, it is profoundly lame to have such a close identification with a global brand.  I am also known to be seen with my computer often working and meeting with people.  An associate of mine refers to the 3rd Ave and Burrard St. Starbucks as my office. So it’s no surprise that the area manager, stopped me one day and gave me in invitation to […]

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