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Ogopogo or too much wine?

In the last few days some mainstream newspapers have reported that a fellow named Dan Poppoff found an odd looking 1.2-metre-long carcass in June 2009 while kayaking Lake Okanagan, where Kelowna sits. www.theprovince.com/Ogopogo+washed+Okanagan+Lake+shoreline/1768656/story.html Speculation is that this is Ogopogo, the lake monster that’s similar in both sightings and improbability of the Loch Ness Monster. OK, if he took a picture, why is it not in the hands of the press? I also frankly don’t believe the so-called native legends because I have the distinct feeling that any existing lore was skimpy (e.g. fairy tale stuff) and then, to annoy the […]

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