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Revelstoke to Calgary (with a pit stop in Banff)

As much as we were impressed by the drive to Revelstoke, we had many eye popping vistas greet us as we headed to Calgary. Golden BC has the whole Kicking Horse Mountain resort going for it, which is about 14 km from Golden, and completely not on our itinerary. One thing to keep in mind, which we didn’t, is that you lose an hour going into Mountain Time in Golden. So we grabbed snacks at the Highway 1 Tim Hortons, a facility that has seen better days, and headed east. Field BC, is the last outpost for British Columbia and […]

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Vancouver to Revelstoke

This is the first article of a circle tour my family did between Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and back. This journey in the end covered roughly 2600 kms of driving in one week, which by some standards is crazy, but by Canadian standards is not too bad. Our first leg was Vancouver to Revelstoke, which is about 6 hours of driving. If you are only familiar with normal east-coast driving, be prepared that this is a lot of high altitude mountain driving. This is good because the scenery is amazing but can be daunting at first. When you take Highway One, […]

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