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Valemount in a Hurry

The editors of this website asked local businesses for the essential recommendations for Valemount. We asked them: “If you imagine that someone has come to you and they are on a totally tight time line, and asked you these questions, what would you tell them?” 1. Where should I eat that I should not miss in Valemount? Answer:Cariboo Grill at 100 Main St. Valemount. 2. If I only have time for one outdoor activity, what should I see or do in Valemount? Answer:World Famous Snowmobiling 3. Is there a museum or cultural site that is a must-see to represent Valemount? […]

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Valemount – a Rocky Mountain Jewel

Valemount, “Valley in the Mountains” is truly one of the jewels in BC’s crown of outstanding scenic locations.  With so much to offer, no matter the season, Valemount is a destination for those who love the outdoors and endless outdoor activities.  Whether you are an avid snowmobiler, and ATV addict, like to fish or hike, Valemount offers every opportunity for you to pursue almost any outdoor sport and activity.  If you just want to relax, there is no better place, since the peace and tranquility of this mountain paradise will include soaking in its peaceful ambiance.  Valemount is surrounded by […]

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Snowmobiling in The Shuswap

Don Mitchell of Shuswap Lake Motel & Resort gives us advice about snowmobiling in the Shuswap. The season starts near the end of November and can continue until late May. Depths of snow can easily range up to 15 feet in some of the alpine areas and many hills have groomed trails, spacious chalets and good signage for getting around the mountains. Winter in the Shuswap is fantastic with good driving on the roads and temperatures that are easy to bear. Shuswap Lake Motel is a great place to use as a base camp as you explore a different hill […]

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