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Vancouver Aquarium 2015

I don’t think anyone who’s been paying attention to the Vancouver news lately can go to the Vancouver Aquarium and not wonder about the conditions for the animals. However, if you’ve been going to the Aquarium for the last couple of decades you will have noticed a large shift from public amusement to animal rehabilitation. Last year there was a significant conflict with the Vancouver Parks Board about whales in captivity. In the end the Parks Board thought they were proposing a compromise by saying the whales could stay as long as they didn’t breed. This had a lot of […]

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Beacon Hill Park and its Petting Zoo

I had a free afternoon on a trip to Victoria BC and I was in possession of a restless four-year-old.  The four walls of the hotel room were not conducive to joy and gladness so we made our way to Beacon Hill Park. Beacon Hill Park is located in downtown Victoria and is bordered by Douglas Street to the west and Cook St to the east.  It ends at Dallas Road, but if you cross the road, you will see some amazing ocean scenery. There’s a perfectly fine playground in Beacon Hill Park where my child could climb and play […]

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Family Fun in Kamloops!

Travelling around southern BC there’s a strong chance you’re going to go through the city of Kamloops at some point in your journey. After all, it’s a meeting point for both rivers and highways, with the South and North Thompson Rivers converging here, and Highways 1, 97 and 5 all congregating, only to split out again. For many travellers Kamloops is seen as just a stopping off point; somewhere you can rest your head for the night before setting off again in the morning. Admittedly there are many hotels in Kamloops so you’ll have plenty of places to rest your […]

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