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Torch Relay and David Lam Park

On February 11 2010, my family took to Burrard Street to try to catch a view of the Torch Relay.  The atmosphere on the street was fun, relaxed and rather full of police.  But the police on bikes, motor cycles, horses and on foot were having a good time too.   Our glimpse of the relay was too short, so we headed north over the Burrard Bridge into Yaletown just in time to see the cauldron lit up on the big jumbo tron screen. We were treated to a few fireworks before heading back home.  (The under-age-2 set don’t like […]

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The Lights Over English Bay

I got a chance to walk right under the robotic lights in Vanier Park three nights ago.  I was with my 8 and 2 year old children and we approached Vanier Park with the goal of answering the question “just where are these things?” The reaction to the 20 lights that were in continual movement was hugely positive from the kids.  There are ten search lights in the West End and 10 in Vanier Park.  Even on a rainy night they look great as the light makes the moisture in the air shimmer. When I got home I looked up […]

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5 Favourite Things To Do During the Winter Olympics

I got in trouble for my last entry on grumpy Vancouverites, so I thought I’d give some practical suggestions for visitors.   I imagine someone involved in the Winter Olympics might only have a day or so to play in the city.  So I tried to think of my five favourite things that Vancouver has to offer. 1.  Walk the Stanley Park Sea Wall.  It’ll take a couple of hours, but even in the rain, the vistas of both nature and man-made facilities are unique. 2.  Go to Hamilton Street Grill for a steak.  It’s at 1009 Hamilton Street in […]

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A Lot More Ski Country

In British Columbia there is a lot more ski country than just Vancouver and Whistler. Over on the eastern side of the province there is an area known as the Kootenay Rockies, along the “Powder Highway”. The snow is deep and dry and they have ski resorts coming out of the woodwork and the helicopter skiing is amazing. This region has the highest concentration of ski resorts. It is also the birthplace of chopper skiing approximately 40 years ago. Some of the known resorts are located in towns such as Fernie, Kicking Horse, Revelstoke, Whitewater and the Red Mountain Resort […]

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