Torch Relay and David Lam Park


On February 11 2010, my family took to Burrard Street to try to catch a view of the Torch Relay.  The atmosphere on the street was fun, relaxed and rather full of police.  But the police on bikes, motor cycles, horses and on foot were having a good time too.  

Our glimpse of the relay was too short, so we headed north over the Burrard Bridge into Yaletown just in time to see the cauldron lit up on the big jumbo tron screen.

We were treated to a few fireworks before heading back home.  (The under-age-2 set don’t like the fireworks going boom boom boom.)

With the big day finally here, I am writing this while watching the opening ceremonies on TV.  I have to say the imagery used while insanely Canadian is not as clich├ęd looking as I had feared.  I  personally love the west coast Native art and feel that every one who wins one of those cool looking medals will not only remember their success, but also admire the artistry.

I want also to say here how everyone with whom I have spoken is sad beyond words about Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili.  His deadly luge crash during a training run made us all feel so sad.  I read reports that the Georgian team is hanging in.  When I see them compete, I will cheer extra for them.

I apologize for the weak photos; it would have been a lot easier to photograph the relay during the day!

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