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Gun Lake

Gun Lake is a deep and gorgeous, mountain-ringed, water-filled former volcano, nestled between the sharp peaks of BC’s coastal mountains and the rolling hills of the South Chilcotin. View of Gun Lake from Sugar Loaf Mountain The 10 km long lake is roughly 240 km north of Vancouver via the steep and winding Hurley River Forest Service Road. It can also be accessed by Highway 99 (the Duffey Lake Road) to Lillooet and Road 40 to Gold Bridge. This way is longer, adding about two hours to your journey, but is much gentler to your vehicle. Because it’s barely four […]

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Exit … The Ultimate Escape Game

After being a live for 21 years and doing the same things over and over again, I realized you get BORED! I went on the Internet and typed up things to do in Vancouver and you will never believe what I discovered. In Richmond there is this place called “Exit”. Now have you ever wanted to be trapped in a room and tried to find a way out? Well this is what “Exit” is all about! This place has four different themed rooms you can choose from: Ancient Egypt, The Lost Ship, Prison Escape, and Laboratory Escape. Each room is […]

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Skookumchuck Narrows Adventure

You just have to love the potential for adventure in BC.  We were entertaining guests from the States, so we took a beautiful May day to explore the Sunshine Coast.  The highlight was an evening cruise with Bryce of Sunshine Coast Tours to explore Skookumchuck Narrows in Egmont.  Bryce is an excellent tour guide who freely shares stories and information about the area.  It was an extra large current day, and we happened to find some avid kayakers taking advantage of the rapids.  Even though it had been a rainy day, the skies cleared for our late afternoon cruise and we […]

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