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Planet Lazer Richmond

On the last day before school started up again, my friends and I decided that to get out all of our nervous energy we were going to go play laser tag. Now, all of us live in Vancouver and the closest place is in Richmond, it’s called Planet Lazer. To get there we collectively took transit which took a bus, a sky train and then two other buses. Now, the place in Richmond is a large plot of land with several big recreation activity buildings you can try. They have swimming, trampolines, a movie theater and of course, laser tag. […]

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6Pack Beach

Lets face it Vancouver is known as Raincouver. It rains so much during the winter that there is not a lot of activities you can go do outside without getting wet. But Vancouver has this place where you can get a small taste of feeling like you or outside on a beach. There is this place called 6Pack Beach, located in Richmond, and yes it is an indoor beach. I first heard of this place through my church group. The youth were trying to organize an outing and they told us we were going to play indoor volleyball but to […]

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Zone Bowling/Big River Restaurant

Being a girl from the suburbs my friends and I have a few typical hang out spots in Coquitlam that we absolutely love and find to be reasonable in price. One of the places we love to go to is Zone Bowling. Zone bowling is located right beside the movie theatres, and it is one of the largest bowling alleys. They also have a second location in Richmond so if you do not want to trek all the way to Coquitlam you can go to Richmond instead. The reason why we love going bowling there is not only because bowling […]

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Storybrooke from “Once Upon a Time”

If any of you watch the hit TV series “Once Upon a Time” and have wondered if the little town Storybrooke actually exists, I can tell you that it does! My friends helped me become obsessed with the TV show, and I thought, “what a cute little town”. I was curious as to whether or not the place was real or if the whole thing was shot in a studio. Well it turns out if you go to this little town called Steveston in Richmond BC, you can walk the same streets as your favourite characters from the show. My […]

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Exit … The Ultimate Escape Game

After being a live for 21 years and doing the same things over and over again, I realized you get BORED! I went on the Internet and typed up things to do in Vancouver and you will never believe what I discovered. In Richmond there is this place called “Exit”. Now have you ever wanted to be trapped in a room and tried to find a way out? Well this is what “Exit” is all about! This place has four different themed rooms you can choose from: Ancient Egypt, The Lost Ship, Prison Escape, and Laboratory Escape. Each room is […]

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Vancouver Theatre April 11 – April 26 2014

If the beginning of spring has you in the mood for a little fun, then check out one of these great performances happening this weekend in Vancouver. Proud,  written by Michael Healey, is playing at the Firehall Arts Centre from April. 9 – April. 26. Proud offers an evening of sizzling Canadian political satire spoofing the Harper administration. The play is directed by Donna Spencer, starring Andrew Wheeler, Emmelia Gordon, Craig Erickson, and Scott Button. For more information, call 604-689-0926 or visit Address: Firehall Arts Centre, 280 East Cordova St, Vancouver, BC, V6A 1L3 The classic Broadway hit  Annie  is playing at the Massey Theatre for […]

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Burnaby Village Museum

The first full week of my daughter’s summer vacation has ended and it was a busy one.  I took care of her and one of her friends during the week, and we trekked to various activities around the city. The day we chose to go to the Burnaby Village Museum was the only rainy day all week.  The rain didn’t bother us, as most of the exhibits were indoors.  The museum is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year, so gate admission is free. The Burnaby Village Museum is meant to give visitors an idea of what life was like in […]

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Walking or Riding the The Spit at Iona Beach

Want to get out of Vancouver but avoid that long congested drive to go anywhere?  Since spring is almost here I am giving you another quick get away that involves you riding or walking: Iona Beach otherwise known as “the Spit”. Located in West Richmond adjacent to the Vancouver International Airport and the Iona Island sewage treatment ponds.  To get there: head to the Vancouver airport, and at the last set of lights  – turn right – there is a small sign that leads you to Iona Beach.  You can park the car about 200 meters from the right hand […]

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Reifel Bird Sancuary

For the bird enthusiast, a stroll through the Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary is a great way to spend a couple of hours. Many species of birds to be found; ducks, geese, and eagles are plentiful. For further information call 604-946-6980.

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