Exit … The Ultimate Escape Game

After being a live for 21 years and doing the same things over and over again, I realized you get BORED! I went on the Internet and typed up things to do in Vancouver and you will never believe what I discovered.

In Richmond there is this place called “Exit”. Now have you ever wanted to be trapped in a room and tried to find a way out? Well this is what “Exit” is all about! This place has four different themed rooms you can choose from: Ancient Egypt, The Lost Ship, Prison Escape, and Laboratory Escape. Each room is set to a different difficulty level. Ancient Egypt and Lost ship are the easiest, Prison escape is medium, and the Laboratory is the hardest. You can choose to go with one other person or have a group of up to six people. The people working there, take away all of your personal belongings (cell phones) so you have no way to ask for help or get help from the Internet. Then they take you into the room and they give you 45 minutes to find a way out. But they also tell you that if you are really stumped you have two- three hints depending on which room you are in.

My boyfriend and I went and tried the Egypt room. The room looked authentic to Egypt. They had sand all over the floor, and had hieroglyphics all over the walls. They also had this Egyptian styled music with snakes hissing in it as well, which was really giving you the feeling that you were actually in Egypt. We thought it would be really easy with the two of us, but boy were we ever wrong. It literally took us 30 minutes just to get out of the first part of the room. The clues were not simple, and the riddles really made you use your head to think. You also had to move some of the objects in the room to uncover other helpful hints. We used both of our hints in the first room alone, but we noticed that it was also a really fun way to work together. By the time we were out of the room I had so much sand stuck in my shoes, and the person who was helping us showed us at the end how to uncover the clues we missed that would have helped us advanced. Once she showed us we felt so stupid. But she also told us not to worry because there was only a 1% success rate to these games. At the end we got to take our picture holding a scene saying we failed. It was a lot of fun and something I would recommend all of my friends to go try and do. Oh we went back with a group of six and tried another room….yeah it made no difference we still did not succeed. But we had a lot of laughs and a great time! So if you are ever in Richmond and want to try this out, get ready to put your minds to work and have a lot of laughs!

For more information visit e-exit.ca

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