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Burnaby Central Railway

This hobby operating railway in Burnaby, located in Confederation Park Burnaby, is one of those best-kept-secret situations. I was originally introduced to it by a former member of the non profit society that runs it and subsequently wondered “how did I not know this was here?” When you think model trains, you think, Lionel trains in HO scale. This however is a small scale train you can actually ride. The engineer volunteers who build, operate and maintain the trains and track do so for the sheer joy of watching people, particularly kids, ride these trains. I suspect those running the […]

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Emergency List: 10 Restaurants In Vancouver That Won’t Go Wrong

So you’re stuck for ideas of where to eat in Vancouver.  There are many choices, but you might be wanting to impress a lady or man or boss or co-workers with your intimate knowledge of Vancouver. Perhaps you’re hopelessly stumped because you don’t want to do the same old same old. Here’s the list.  In no order with no attempt to rate anything because it’s up to you to decide what works for your situation. 1.  Hamilton Street Grill.  This is a Yaletown steakhouse plus more.  Owner Neil is always attentive as are his staff.  Ask if he’s still […]

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Burnaby Village Museum

The first full week of my daughter’s summer vacation has ended and it was a busy one.  I took care of her and one of her friends during the week, and we trekked to various activities around the city. The day we chose to go to the Burnaby Village Museum was the only rainy day all week.  The rain didn’t bother us, as most of the exhibits were indoors.  The museum is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year, so gate admission is free. The Burnaby Village Museum is meant to give visitors an idea of what life was like in […]

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Vancouver Area Shopping Malls

Living in the West End means you can easily live without a vehicle.  I should know, my family has existed without one for more than ten years.  We brought a car with us when we first moved to Vancouver, and for our first couple of years living in Kitsilano.  We gradually realized that we were not using our car nearly enough to warrant the expense, and that we could easily live without one. One of the most challenging aspects of life without a car can be getting to the big box stores when you need to.  I am not a […]

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