6Pack Beach

Lets face it Vancouver is known as Raincouver. It rains so much during the winter that there is not a lot of activities you can go do outside without getting wet. But Vancouver has this place where you can get a small taste of feeling like you or outside on a beach.

There is this place called 6Pack Beach, located in Richmond, and yes it is an indoor beach. I first heard of this place through my church group. The youth were trying to organize an outing and they told us we were going to play indoor volleyball but to go in shorts and flip-flops. I looked at them and said they were nuts why on earth would I wear shorts in this weather and they told me to just bring it in a bag in case I did not want to use them. I did exactly that, and when I walked into the place I saw this massive building filled with sand! It was really cool there were four volleyball nets set up for us and they had lawn chairs out for you to lay in, it was as if you were at a beach.

This place is for people of all ages. I quickly got changed and started playing some intense volleyball and it was December, I could not believe it. The sand was warm; they had sand toys for children to play with as well. I went to the front desk and grabbed their broacher they had. They have different volley ball leagues you can join, they hosted tournaments, kids birthday parties, after-grad and sleep over parties, youth camps, and they even had this program called kidz beach for lil diggers for ages 10 and under. You do not need a reservation to stop by there are drop in’s it is $15 dollars or if you go on Wednesday you pay $10. There is also a ladies night on Thursdays, which starts at 9:30pm and goes until late for woman to meet others in their community and to have some fun.

They have just added this new activity! Ok so lets imagine paintballing, but only this time you are using bows and arrows with foam at the end of the arrow. 6Pack Beach is the only licensed establishment that now has this overly exciting and super fun game called Archery Tag. You must be thinking how cool is that but what exactly is it? Well think Dodge ball meets paintball meets archery and there you go. How to play each team has to stay on their side of the court, at no point in the game can you cross into the other teams side. If you get hit anywhere on the body you are eliminated and have to wait along the side of the court. If a team member catches a flying arrow then they are allowed to bring players back into the game, if that person does not catch it and still touch it they are eliminated from the game. The other way they players can come back into the game is if someone on their team hits the other teams 5-spot targets. The team with the most targets left standing wins. You must wear the facemask at all times and they also give you an arm guard. You must be 12 years or older to play and game time is an hour. It is $25 dollars an hour and if you want an additional 30 minutes to play it is $10 dollars more.

Everyone who has ever gone to this place only talks about how they are desperate to go back, I promise you will have a lot of laughs watching your friends try to hit you with an arrow, or who knows maybe hit you with a volleyball in the head.

For more information on 6Pack Beach visit: 6packbeach.com

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