Planet Lazer Richmond

On the last day before school started up again, my friends and I decided that to get out all of our nervous energy we were going to go play laser tag. Now, all of us live in Vancouver and the closest place is in Richmond, it’s called Planet Lazer. To get there we collectively took transit which took a bus, a sky train and then two other buses. Now, the place in Richmond is a large plot of land with several big recreation activity buildings you can try. They have swimming, trampolines, a movie theater and of course, laser tag.

The building itself is well insulated, it has to be because it is rather dark inside. The fair for games depends on what type of group you’re traveling with, or if you are just playing alone, but it tends to be on the pricier side. When my friends and I were there, a bunch of fifteen year olds, we looked a little out of place. Laser tag tends to be for younger kids, at least that’s where the company tries to appeal. The actual game zone is pretty fun, two levels with plenty of obstacles and hiding places to make the game more interesting. Overall I didn’t have the time of my life but friends make it a whole lot better. It would be a good place for a 6-10 year old birthday party.

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