Zone Bowling/Big River Restaurant

Being a girl from the suburbs my friends and I have a few typical hang out spots in Coquitlam that we absolutely love and find to be reasonable in price. One of the places we love to go to is Zone Bowling.

Zone bowling is located right beside the movie theatres, and it is one of the largest bowling alleys. They also have a second location in Richmond so if you do not want to trek all the way to Coquitlam you can go to Richmond instead. The reason why we love going bowling there is not only because bowling is a lot of fun but the bowling alley is attached to Big River restaurant and the two work together side by side. The best times to go are Fridays and Saturdays because they pull down the big screens and play music videos or if a hockey game is going on they will play that. It is constantly busy and over flowing with people. They have a choice of either 5 pin or 10 pin for you to play.

Now how the restaurant works, if you go you get your lane and you sit down put on your shoes grab your bowling balls and a waitress comes and greets you and asks you if you would like anything to drink or eat. The restaurant has a big selection of food, and at most bowling alleys all you get is hot dogs and sodas but not here. You can choose anything from salad, to fish tacos. If you are looking for alcoholic drinks no problem. The big river restaurant also crafts its own beers that you can try or get any of the classics. They also have cocktail drinks. My favourite is the blue Hawaiian, and of course a spicy Cesar. If you are feeling a little more adventurous they also have the Big River Cesar, which is any craft beer of your choice mix with a Cesar. The actual menu itself you will find has your usual chicken wings, popcorn shrimp, yam fries, and garlic fries appetizers. Now the appetizer that is the best is their Nachos! They have two choices of sizes for you to choose from and trust me when I say this the regular size is the size of large nachos anywhere. So when I say they also have a supreme size, be ready to except something gigantic! They over flow it with cheese, olives, peppers, and beef. Anything you want they got. Guacamole does cost extra so just be careful of that if you are not a big fan. Main courses you can get a pizza should you wish but there is also a wide selection of burgers, beef dip, pasta, stir-fry, quesadillas, and more. I have tried almost everything on their menu and trust me when I say this everything is delicious. I have not been disappointed with anything. They have this amazing dish called royal dumpling soup with dumplings and Asian vegetables it is to die for. They also have dessert and I would recommend their apple pie! It is so warm it just melts in your mouth served with Vanilla Ice cream. If you are getting food on the lanes of the bowling alley as soon as your food or drinks come you do have to pay because they cannot have any bills open on the lanes.

If you do not want to eat in the bowling alley and want to go out for dinner or drinks before that at the restaurant, they do have an actual sit down dinner that you can choose to go to.

This is really fun  for an evening out with friends or a date, and if you go to different days of the week there are different specials for game play.

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