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Whistler’s Five Best Kept Secrets

Katie from the Riverside Resort has this to offer for Whistler’s Best Kept Secrets. Spooky: Train Wrecks at Function/ Ghost Town Green Lake “Parkhurst” Top Secret: The Hemloft Yummy: Riverside Cafe, a local’s favourite – located at Riverside Resort History: Alta Lake was the original name of Whistler but the settlers start calling the area “Whistler” because of the shrill whistle sound made by the western hoary marmots who live among the rocks. Budget: There are countless cross country ski & snowshoe trails that are FREE in Whistler in the wintertime!

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Mistaya Lodge and Wildcat Glacier

For a backcountry skier, it’s hard to imagine a better place than this, or a better moment than now.  Myself and a group of old and newly met friends are standing atop the Wildcat Glacier at around 9000 feet having climbed here completely under our own power. Surrounding us in the crisp mountain air are literally dozens of stunningly beautiful snow-capped peaks stretching out in all directions. After a snack and a sip of hot tea, Dave Birnie, our guide and co-owner of Mistaya Lodge, gives us a quick reminder of avalanche safety’s golden rule, “ski one at a time, […]

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