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Fort St. James National Historic Site

My daughter and I first visited the Fort St. James National Historic Site in July of 2008.  I have a sister who’s been living in Fort St. James for the past five years, and we’ve gone to visit her almost every summer, since my 8-year-old daughter was born. The town of Fort St. James is on the shores of Stuart Lake, 164 kilometres northwest of Prince George.  The town is small (more of a village, really) and the scenery in this part of BC is beautiful.  The lake is quite large and is great for swimming, boating and fishing in […]

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Cottonwood House Historic Site

Cottonwood House was an old roadhouse for weary travellers on their way to Barkerville to strike it rich.  It’s a 20-minute drive east from Quesnel, on Highway 26. Roadhouses were possibly the forerunner to the modern day motel and operated in the 1800s. They were an integral part of the Gold Rush Trail, which carried miners from Vancouver to Barkerville.  Roadhouses offered food and shelter to travelers every 12 to 15 miles along the entire length of the Cariboo Road.  After a long day’s journey, either on foot, horse, or in a bumpy stagecoach, the roadhouse provided a hot meal, […]

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