Ogopogo or too much wine?

In the last few days some mainstream newspapers have reported that a fellow named Dan Poppoff found an odd looking 1.2-metre-long carcass in June 2009 while kayaking Lake Okanagan, where Kelowna sits.


Speculation is that this is Ogopogo, the lake monster that’s similar in both sightings and improbability of the Loch Ness Monster.

OK, if he took a picture, why is it not in the hands of the press?

I also frankly don’t believe the so-called native legends because I have the distinct feeling that any existing lore was skimpy (e.g. fairy tale stuff) and then, to annoy the annoying Europeans, blown out of proportion just to see how gullible the newcomers were.

Now, one good thing about Ogopogo, is that all around Lake Okanagan, there are Ogopogo viewing stations.  My favourite is located at the Gray Monk Winery, 1055 Camp Road, Okanagan Centre, which is on the road north to Vernon.  The best part is that after a completely pointless waste of time looking for a non existent monster, you can go taste some wonderful wines!

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