Pearl Fever

I always try to find different places to hang out with friends, or go to do homework because lets face it, it’s impossible to get anything done at home with all of these distractions.

I was going bowling with my friends one day at Zone bowling in Coquitlam, and noticed a place called Pearl Fever. I took a look inside and they had this nice comfy couch, with leather seats, they also had a nice fireplace in the corner surrounded by nice leather cushions to make you feel at home. I thought what a nice classy looking place. I decided to go and take a closer look. I went inside, and they were playing nice welcoming music, not to mention music that I actually knew. The barista welcomed me and I noticed that Pearl Fever was actually a high end Bubble tea place.

If you don’t know what bubble tea is; its a cold frothy drink made with iced tea, sweetened milk, coffee, and fruit flavors like strawberry or mango and on the bottom of the drink it contains pearls, which are tapioca balls. I decided to try a strawberry mango smoothie with pearls, and boy was I ever surprised! I had never had a smoothie that was so smooth, but was still rich and creamy. The ice was blended perfectly; it became my new favourite drink spot. I then started to try other flavours and for those who love blended coffee drinks they have this amazing Café espresso one that gives you the right amount of coffee you need to keep you going for the day. If you don’t want to try the tapioca balls, they have coconut jelly, which is also quite delicious and gives you that gummy candy feeling in your mouth. But wait there is more; you can try: red bean, grass jelly, mango jelly, pudding jelly, or Fresh Taro! But if you wish you can also get a smoothie without anything in it.

If you aren’t in the mood for a blended drink, they also have plain simple iced drinks like milk teas and green teas, or you can get a nice warm drink. You have over a hundred options to choose from. I can spend hours just staring at the menu…which is what normally happens and people usually start huffing and puffing behind me. If you are lactose intolerant they even have soymilk so you don’t have to worry about not being able to enjoy the delicious beverages that await you.

In addition they also have delicious desserts! They have this Oreo cheesecake that is simply to die for, not to mention they give you a massive piece so you always end up taking some home. Or you could try the chocolate mouse and a raspberry chocolate mouse that helps anyone get over their long day at work. Did I happen to mention they sell mini macaroons with many different flavours to choose from!

This spot has become my it place for hanging out with my friends, you could sit there for hours playing cards, chatting, or studying! It is a wonderful place with a wonderful staff to serve you. If you have a problem with your order they make a new one right away with no problems. If Coquitlam is not a place you are normally around, but still want to try this amazing place they have a wide expansion of locations such as UBC, SFU, Strawberry Hill, and more.

Try it; believe me you will never go back to any other bubble tea place or teahouse again!

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