B.C. Ferries


When visiting Vancouver Island or its surrounding companions, there is only one ferry company to get people to their destinations. That’s right, I’m talking about B.C. Ferries. Now, I know people say “Eww!” thinking about a public ferry service however, it could be a whole lot worse.

It depends on what ferry you take in relation to your destination. For example, if you are traveling to Victoria, tons of people visit there all the time. The boat is going to be much larger and be fit with nicer accommodations such as, the “Coastal Café” an on ferry restaurant/buffet (that ends up rather pricey between you and I), a children’s play area with jungle gym and a gift shop (also rather expensive). On the other hand if you are traveling to someplace like Bowen Island, the boat is not going to be half as large or have any of the on boat accommodations listed above. So, any negative or positive trips with B.C. Ferries has a lot to do with your personal destination and a fair amount of luck.

I personally have not had too many bad trips with them, I just stay out of trouble and not too much comes my way. Although, a piece of advice on catching your ferry. If you are traveling to a common destination (Victoria/Nanaimo) try to either reserve a place on the ferry at least the night before or try to get to the terminal about an hour before your sailing, due to traffic and other variables. I would strongly recommend this if you are traveling at a holiday/long weekend time. Plus, you can always spend that extra hour you gave yourself in the terminal food/gift shop area looking at cool stuff. Happy sailing!

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