Rathtrevor Beach – Sea it to believe it!


For three days and two nights, I was invited to visit my good friend’s family as they spent the last remaining weeks of summer in Parksville on Vancouver Island. I was beyond excited because not only had I not seen my friend in forever (well at least, it felt like that to me) but I had never been to Parksville!

I left on a week day, meaning no ride to Horseshoe Bay for me! I took the 257 Horseshoe Bay express bus to the ferry terminal and jumped on the next boat to Nanaimo. It was about an hour and a half long ride on the ferry with stunning views. My friend and her father picked me up in Nanaimo and drove me to Ocean Trails, the resort they were staying at. It was a lovely resort, quiet and secluded but close to all the happenings as well. Ocean trails even had a little pool and hot tub.

However, the main attraction for me was Rathtrevor Beach. My friend had told me that It was a fantastic beach but I really didn’t understand exactly how amazing it was until saw it! It is this long stretch of soft sand and the water was clear and inviting. The best part? The water was so shallow that it never reached past my hips! I could see these kids playing much further out in the water where their bodies were only submerged up to their waist. The sand was easy to walk on and it didn’t feel gross if you sat down in the water. Part of me wanted to walk until I found the edge of the shallow water but I realized that it would a long walk and water isn’t the easiest substance to walk through. If I ever go back again, I’m bringing a small raft.

Most of my time in Parksville was spent in or around the water at Rathtrevor Beach. I went for a long walk along the edge of the water and examined many underwater critters. It’s also very worth the early wakeup call or pulling an all-nighter (depending on the tide) to go and see the famous low-tide.

Rathtrevor Beach Low Tide
Rathtrevor Beach Low Tide

Because it really is something you’ve got to see to believe. The tide goes out so far, it’s almost uncanny. Bring some snacks and water if you’re going to see low tide in the early morning because I found it hard to continue after a while when all you have on your mind is breakfast (and a comfy bed if you’re not a morning person).

My first time in Parksville was extremely memorable and I had a ton of fun experiencing a new town and an unbelievable beach! Here’s hoping I’ll be able to go back again soon!!

Rathtrevor Beach At Dusk
Rathtrevor Beach at Dusk

Rathtrevor Beach Afternoon
Rathtrevor Beach Afternoon

Rathtrevor Beach Tide In
Rathtrevor Beach Tide In

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