Bowen Island is located 19 km (12 mi.) northwest of Vancouver at the entrance to Howe Sound and is reached by ferry from Horseshoe Bay. It is popular with visitors who come to enjoy its beaches at Sandy, Tunstall Bay and Bowen Bay. Sandy Beach is wheelchair accessible. There are also six neighbourhood beaches dotted around the island but access to these is by steps or steep paths and these beaches do not have toilets, garbage cans or parking areas. There are 3000 permanent residents on Bowen Island and approximately 1500 summer residents.

The island is 32 sq. km (20 sq. mi.) and more than one-third of it is Crown land and 650 acres are parkland. It has a coastline of 37 km (23 mi.) Swimming, diving and kayaking are all popular on the island. Bowen Island is popular with boaters who enjoy the sheltered coves and safe anchorages.

There are many accommodations on Bowen Island, however no overnight camping or trailer parking is permitted on the island. The island is home to approximately 3,500 people and more than 400 of these are artists and writers.

Captain Jack Cates opened up Bowen Island as a resort for day excursions in the early 1900s.

There are enjoyable shops at Snug Cove and visitors also enjoy the Sunday Market and a walk along the boardwalk. Recapture the 1920s resort life at the local Museum. There are Arts and Crafts galleries to explore and nature walks through the rainforest of Crippen Park. Visitors also enjoy the Memorial Garden, fish ladder and waterfall and fish hatchery. Mt. Gardner, at 756 m (2480 ft.) provides a challenging hike to enjoy stunning views.

Alderwood Farm Cozy Cottage
1351 Adams Road
The Lodge at The Old Dorm
460 Melmore Road
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