Garibaldi Highlands accommodations enable the visitor to explore Garibaldi Provincial Park in the area around Daisy Lake, just over one hour's drive north of Vancouver. Daisy Lake is popular with recreational boaters and fishermen. Excellent hiking and wilderness camping opportunities in the area.

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Paradise Valley Campground
Paradise Valley Campground
3520 Paradise Valley Road
Garibaldi Highlands
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We provide our guests with an opportunity to experience healthy and safe outdoor recreational activities while learning about our eco systems and using the interpretive trail network. It's our hope that our guests will leave feeling rested and reconnected to nature with a private site close to all of nature's amenities. Wilderness campsites with immaculate facilities will help you camp in comfort.
Nu-Salya Bed & Breakfast Chalet
Garibaldi Highlands
2014 Glacier Heights Place
Escape from the crowds for get-aways to dream adventures & places of wonder to Nusalya Chalet at our upper Garibaldi Highlands cul-de-sac location, just 35 minutes south of Whistler Creekside Gondola, offering quiet serenity and Spectacular Ocean Fjord and Towering craggy snow capped mountain views. Website
True North Bed & Breakfast B&B Garibaldi Highlands 1037 Glacier View Drive