This small island of 21 sq. km (8.2 sq. mi.) is home to 900 residents and a great destination for those who enjoy kayaking and canoeing (rentals and tours available), diving and cycling. For a vigorous climb, there is a 45 minute uphill hike to the 271 m (889 ft.) summit in Mount Parke Regional Park.

Mayne Island has a colourful and rich history. Gold was discovered on the Fraser River in 1858, not long after the island was named for Richard Charles Mayne, a lieutenant on the HMC Plumber. At that time Victoria was the main port of entry for the West Coast and thousands of prospectors were landing in Victoria and boarding boats for the Mainland. Mayne Island was a midpoint in this trip. Hotels, saloons and supply shops sprang up to meet the gold-rush demand. By 1900, Mayne Island was considered a fashionable vacation spot and it was the commercial and social hub for all the southern Gulf Islands and the many farms throughout the island.

Mayne Island's main commercial center is Miners Bay, a village overlooking Active Pass. There are a number of accommodations such as inns, bed and breakfasts, and cottages. There are shops, galleries and artists' studios throughout the island. Community events are held at the agricultural hall and the Mayne Island Fall Fair is the major annual event.

At Dinner Bay Park there is a Japanese Memorial Garden, dedicated in 2002, that commemorates the Japanese families who helped develop Mayne Island.

There are many historic buildings in Miners Bay and Village Bay, including the Springwater Lodge, built in 1892, which is said to be the oldest continuously operating hotel in British Columbia. Photographers enjoy the picturesque 1890s agricultural hall, the 1898 St. Mary Magdalene church and its cemetery, the 1885 Georgina Point Lighthouse and the Plumper Pass Lock-Up which is now a small museum.

Mayne Island has several beautiful beaches including Village Bay, Miners Bay, Oyster Bay, Horton Bay and Piggott bay. Beaches at Campbell Point and Bennett Bay are excellent for swimming, beachcombing and boating and are part of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve.

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