Osoyoos British Columbia in the Okanagan is the location of Canada's only Desert. This is a wonderful place to explore Osoyoos accommodations as the town has the most temperate climate in Canada, little precipitation, high temperatures, dry air, short winters and an early spring seasons. Osoyoos Lake is the warmest fresh water lake in Canada and is known for its water sports and holiday making.

Sooyoos is a Native Okanagan word translating to "the narrows of the lake" or "the place where 2 lakes come together." Osoyoos is a version of that word, pronounced: O-sue-use or O-soy-use.

The European history of Osoyoos dates back to 1861 when a customs house was built at the very nearby Canada-USA border. Book a hotel in Osoyoos and explore its colorful history with First Nations, pioneers, miners, ranchers, rum runners and farmers.

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