Saltery Bay is the northern terminal for ferry traffic between Earls Cove and the Upper Sunshine Coast. It is the launching point to visit some of the most beautiful marine wilderness on the West Coast. From the shores of Saltery Bay Provincial Park, one of the most beautiful waterfront parks in the province, it is possible to see killer whales, seals and sea lions. It is a favourite area for scuba divers and Canada's first underwater statue, the Emerald Princess, is located in Mermaid Cove, 65 feet beneath the water's surface.

The Sunshine Coast Trail begins at Sarah Point near Lund. This 180 km (111.5 mi.) hiking trail through old growth forests and alpine meadows ends at Saltery Bay, which is 31 km (19.22 mi.) south of Powell River. It includes vistas of ocean and lakes, waterfalls and creeks and is considered a good alternative to the famous West Coast Trail as it is not as grueling. Recreational hikers have access at numerous points for day trips of either easy walking or there are more difficult hikes for the experienced hiker.

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