Our trip into McGillivary Pass


Our trip into McGillivary Pass (August ’09) in the South Chilcotin Mountains was a wonderful experience. We flew by helicopter from Whistler on a beautiful sunny day, above valleys, over mountain peaks and landed next to our lodge in a bed of untouched wild flowers.

McGillivray Pass Lodge occupies a picturesque valley meadow at an elevation of 6100 feet (1860 meters) in McGillivray Pass, which lies between the Bendor and Cadwallader Ranges on the Southern edge of the Chilcotin Mountains. Each day our guide would take us on an unmarked route through the flowers, up 1000 feet above the tree line to the mountain ridges. Often as we walked along we would come to small lakes and see the footprints of bears and mountain goats. At one lake, we decided to experience the glacial waters and actually swam for a full 10 minutes! Our guide Veronika not only took us on different adventures each day but also supplied delicious meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Her attention to detail and to each individual need demonstrated professionalism and expertise. The whole 3-day experience was certainly one not to be forgotten.

The web site www.whitecapalpine.ca features back country skiing and snowboarding. The summer availability is limited to only 3 weeks.

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