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Why not call Parksville Beachville?

I’m not sure why it’s called Parkville; it should be called Beachville.  (Apparently Parksville was actually named after a fellow named Nelson Parks.)   We are staying at Ocean Trails Resort which has access to Rathtrevor Beach.  A bunch of resorts take advantage of the access to the water.  The reason is obvious: the beach during the various tides can reach out for what seems like miles and you can walk along the beach for what seems like miles. There are lots of tiny creatures to look at in the tide pools including craps, clams and other shelled critters.  When […]

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Lefty’s is the right place to eat in Parksville

Twice now I’ve eaten at Lefty’s (101 – 280 East Island Highway) in Parksville.  It’s got a mix of casual dining with funky booths and decor but the kitchen actually has some imagination.  We had an 8 and 2 year old in tow and there were other families and they had a diverse kids’ menu. I ate a bison burger with bacon and cheese and it was a really nice change from the generic beef. And I actually ate their side salad.  I never eat side salads.  My wife had a curry vegetable bowl with noodles.  She’s a vegetarian and […]

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Brickyard Cove Water Park Nanoose Bay

Nestled within the stunning landscape of the East Coast of Vancouver Island is “Fairwinds” at Nanoose Bay – just south of Parksville and north of Nanaimo.  Located on the leeward side of the mountain Nanoose Bay has the bragging rights of the mildest climate in Canada. As you drive down Powder Point Road past Enos Lake to Fairwinds, you may wonder where these names originated.  The forest engulfs the relics of bygone years, but a little delving into the past soon uncovers a colorful history here.  The first settler on the Nanoose Peninsula was John Enos.  Originally from the Azores, […]

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