Why not call Parksville Beachville?


I’m not sure why it’s called Parkville; it should be called Beachville.  (Apparently Parksville was actually named after a fellow named Nelson Parks.)  

We are staying at Ocean Trails Resort which has access to Rathtrevor Beach.  A bunch of resorts take advantage of the access to the water.  The reason is obvious: the beach during the various tides can reach out for what seems like miles and you can walk along the beach for what seems like miles.

There are lots of tiny creatures to look at in the tide pools including craps, clams and other shelled critters.  When you are making your sandcastle, you may want to avoid clobbering them.  The sand is great for making sandcastles as it’s sticky enough to form shapes, but not so wet that you it falls apart.

Even in the evening on a windy night, the beach that goes on forever has some magic.

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