5 Best kept Secrets of Harrison Hot Springs

Sonja of Harrison Heritage House & Cottages has five suggestions for your trip to Harrison Hot Springs.

  1. Check out the brand new ‘life size’ Sasquatch carving at the front entrance to Harrison Hot Springs.
  2. Check out Harrisons Festival of the Arts every July. Ten nights of music on the beach, concerts, art markets, literary cafes, art exhibits and workshops.
  3. Our lake is stocked with prehistoric sturgeon.
  4. The quest for the Sasquatch happens right here in Sasquatch Country! Harrison Hot Springs is a hot bed of Sasquatch sightings!
  5. Spirit Trail is a 1 km loop through an old cedar forest. Looking down from their perch high on the tree trunks are several dozen incredible hand crafted masks. It gives the walk a spiritual feel which is how it came by its name.

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