Cryptid Tourism in BC?

Cameron Lake, which is about 22 km from Port Alberni and 20 km from Qualicum Beach is supposed to have a strange creature that’s silvery and serpentine, but no one is sure what it is.

Such mysteries fall under the category of cryptozoology and in keeping with British Columbia’s tradition of nuttiness, there’s an actual organization called the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club ( that takes a serious approach to various mysteries.

Given the lake monster Ogopogo in Kelowna and Sasquatch having its naissance in Harrison Hot Springs, you could create quite an interesting travel itinerary.

This local Vancouver newspaper reports the existence and retrieval of a native mask associated with Sasquatch. (The mask disappeared in 1939 from Sts’ailes First Nation near Harrison Hot Springs.)

Even if you think such things are nonsense, if you followed the various sightings and legends, you’d encounter wonderful seascapes (Qualicum-Parksville), wineries (Kelowna) and wonderful glacier fed lakes (Harrison Hot Springs.)

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