Down the Road at Hot Springs Retreat


Minutes up the NE side of the lake is Hot Springs Retreat, a quaint B&B. The cozy cedar home offers two private entrance/bathroom suites. Guests are welcome to enjoy the private gardens which back up against Bear Mountain.

Across the road you may want to watch the sun set over Harrison Lake. Down the road a little further is Sasquatch Park which has a boat launch and an extensive picnic area by the water. This is a great place to get away for the day with the family. A shallow swim beach is roped off, and a sandy beach provides a place for relaxing in the sun. Many spend the day and plan on picnics and barbeques. Large trees provide shade and trails provide a nice walk in the forest. This site is patrolled and has maintained public washrooms. This is a provincial park so parking fees are in affect. More provincial parks are yet a little further down the road. Hicks and Deer Lakes have overnight camp sites which prove to be very popular in the summer months. These two lakes are warm and clean. Only small boats are allowed and each has public swimming areas for the day trippers.

Make sure to book early, Harrison Hot Springs is definitely a hot spot all summer long.

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