Harrison Hot Springs Info Centre and Sasquatch Museum

The Harrison Hot Springs Info Centre is on Highway 9 as you head into town. As you approach Harrison Hot Springs, you will find that the Sasquatch (a.k.a. Bigfoot) is a big part of Harrison Hot Springs’ Tourism. The area is also home to the Sts’ailes band who have a long history with Sasquatch as indicated by paintings of “Sa:sq’ets” dating back thousands of years. The creature is considered super natural. See www.sasquatchcrossing.ca/our-lodge/history/story-of-the-sasquatch for more.

There are many non natives who believe Bigfoot is a real as yet undiscovered primate living in the Pacific Northwest. This little museum in the tourist info centre focuses on casts of foot prints, locations of sightings, and a decent review of the famous Patterson–Gimlin film from Northern California.

As I expressed to the lady in the info centre, it seems utterly unbelievable — given the number of animals humans have destroyed over the past 150 years of BC history — that not one logger has hauled a carcass of a deceased Sasquatch out of the woods.

So, in my view believing in Sasquatch is like believing in the mythological Hydra. However, the tiny little museum has two key points. It’s free and it’s fascinating regardless. Particularly the sheer history behind this cryptozoological mystery.

See www.agassizharrisonobserver.com/community/tourism-harrison-opens-sasquatch-museum/ for more info and hours.

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