Shopping Harrison Hot Springs

I’ll be honest, I’m not a shopper. I outsource that to my family. But I do attend shopping experiences when travelling because I sometimes look for fun things to send family members who live elsewhere.

The main Harrison Hot Springs shopping area is on, around and between the Esplanade and Lillooet Rd. However, for you seasoned shoppers, the pickings are not great. There’s a cool store called Casa that has a variety of gifts and they must have a lot of fun doing their sourcing. Next to it is a shop that had a heavy emphasis on incense, which is why I neither remember the name nor much of what was in it. There’s a clothing store and another gift shop that was on a clearance sale.

On Lillooet Rd, there is the Happy Prospector’s Treasure Cove that had a lot of gems and rocks. We managed to buy a jade and rose quartz pendants.

Oddly, the thing I wanted the most I foolishly did not buy. It was a cute Sasquatch stuffy. It can be bought even at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory on the Esplanade. But I thought “nah, we need more stuffies like holes in our heads”. Now I want one and don’t have one!

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